Doctor of Education

A graduate degree program that focuses on the principles and theories of education geared towards leading the advancement of educational administration and supervision.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of Doctor of Education major in Educational Management are expected to have acquired in three to five years after graduation the following:

  1. utilizes principles and theories for practical solutions to educational issues and problems, 
  2. leads in the advancement of educational administration and supervision,
  3. practices professionalism in the workplace and community,
  4. participates in educational researches in the furtherance of knowledge for progress and development,
  5. assumes social responsibility to address problems of the community, and 
  6. exemplifies the hallmark of a leader in the vanguard of Transformation

Program Outcomes

A Doctor of Education graduate should be able to:

To schools

  1. Articulate and discuss the latest developments in the specific field of practice;
  2. Effectively communicate orally and in writing using both English and Filipino;
  3. Work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  4. Act in recognition of professional, social, and ethical responsibility; and
  5. Preserve and promote “Filipino historical and cultural heritage”.


  • Graduates of universities participate in the generation of new knowledge or in research and development projects.

Doctoral’s degree programs

  1. Elucidate a highly advanced and scientific knowledge and skills in a highly specialized, interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary field of expertise
  2. Utilize complicated research, creative work, and/or professional practice with competence, either individually or in teams across interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary settings
  3. Assume leadership in research and creative work in a challenging setting
  4. Manifest a considerable level of independence and accountability to professional leadership for innovation, research and development management in highly specialized or interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary field