UB Graduate School Visits Schools for Brigada Eskwela

The University of Baguio as one of the prime movers for promoting quality and equal access to education encourages its faculty and students to become instruments toward the attainment of SGD 4: Quality Education.

GS goes to Baguio DEPED Schools

On August 25, 2023 the graduate school Doctor of Education and the Master of Arts Education students together with volunteer GS faculty members visited various schools and participated in the Brigada Eskwela. Several students and teachers went to Lindawan Elementary School, Lindawan National High School, and Pacalso National High School and helped in the beautification of the classrooms by repainting the walls and the chairs for the students to use come the opening of the School Year 2023- 2024 this September.

With the initiative of the Research Innovation Extension and Community Outreach (RIECO) with the generosity of the international graduate school students, the organizers were able to raise funds to supply paint, paint materials, and some school supplies to share with the selected schools.

International Graduate School Students Experience Brigada Eskwela

The activity not only became an avenue for the University of Baguio community to extend its human resources through the faculty members and students who selflessly spared their time in painting and cleaning the classrooms but it was also an opportunity for the students to experience the bayanihan spirit, cooperation, and collaboration that the Brigada Eskwela promotes.

One of the participants shared: “Thanks for giving us a chance to experience this outreach. We have shared our time and skills, but most importantly we were able to make friends and experience Baguio Culture and Hospitality. These experiences will not only help us to climb another tall building academically, but also make us more open and tolerant. We also feel proud to be part of UB”. – Sophia

The outreach activity was also a chance to experience cultural immersion as the foreign students had the rare chance to interact with locals and understand their ways of life.


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